The artisan spirit, in its purest and highest form that animates the company's production. A real code of excellence linked to the unmistakable Italian know-how, which distinguishes the creation of the products of the Prianera collection.


A new perspective for our mood.

Some Prianera Top Sellers from a different angle.
Our style, charme and harmony framed from a new zenithal point of view.


so beautiful as to be incomparable.

The new collection is a real game changer: its unique and unprecedented style confirms the continuous growth of the brand.


The video of the new collection.

The official presentation of our new designs and materials, enjoy the Prianera atmosphere in this exclusive setting!


Discover the new Prianera Point of View, enjoy the new collection in an exclusive location.


Design has always been an intrinsic element of Prianera, a continuous research in style with the aim of interpreting modern living rooms with uniqueness. A key role in this process is played by the designers who collaborate with the company, Carlo Bimbi, Fabrizio Ballardini, Giorgio Ragazzini, Enrico Casana, Rino Dalmonte, Elena Arkipova and Angelo Tomaiuolo.

APT - Prianera APartmenT

The spirit of the Prianera showroom is unique, evolutionary, in tune with modernity and faithful to its stylistic principles.


Prianera is present in over 40 countries, through a network of selected customers where it is possible to experience the unmistakable style of the collection.


Prianera's goal is to guarantee a product of high manufacturing quality, great craftsmanship and entirely Italian. To achieve it we always select material of the highest quality, we constantly propose marketing initiatives and participate in events and fairs all over the world.


La matita creativa del designer, diventa la matita esperta del modellista nel creare sagome di cartone per ogni modello, e ancora la matita attenta dell'artigiano nel trasferire ogni sagoma sui manti delle migliori pelli. Questo è Prianera.

"Ancora per disegnare ho trovata certa pría nera, che vien del Piemonte, la quale è tenera pría; e puo’la aguzzare con coltellino, chè ella è tenera e ben negra; e puoi ridurla a quella perfezione che ’l carbone. E disegna secondo che vuoi."