Prianera chose an historic palace in the centre of Forlì as exclusive location for its Showroom, in harmony with the vocation of this productive district, which is one of the most important in Italy for the production of sofas, armchairs and upholstered furniture.

Prianera Showroom is an experience in the Brand’s long standing tradition of craftsmanship and quality. The spirit of Prianera Showroom is unique, evolutionary, in harmony with the modernity and faithful to its stylistic principles.

The concept, designed by Giorgio Ragazzini, is integrated in the historic context of Palazzo Bocchi creating the most elegant match with the contemporary style of Prianera.

Blue Room

Prianera is proud to welcome you inside the apartment, in the historic building “Palazzo Bocchi”. In the Blue Room an iconic model of the collection, Odeon represents the spirit of innovation, design and research of the Company.

Gold Room

In the warm and golden atmosphere of this room Prianera creates touches of modernity, in a dialogue between the classical context e the contemporary spirit of his models.


The large central space of the Prianera Apartment hosts compositions suitable for big and important environments, generous and representative. Quality, design, materials and finishings are on stage in this room.

Tiles Room

Creativity and personality for new points of view. Prianera sets up this cozy space with warm materials and colors.

Cerulean Room

The particular shade of blue, called cerulean, characterizes the band that frames the frescoesof the ceilings of this elegant room, where Prianera creates an amazing mix with the contemporary mood of the collection.

Peach Room

The decoration “Grottesca”, characterized by representations of chimeras and geometric decorations, is underlined by a delicate peach pink color frame.

Patina Room

Prianera contemporary mood and design perfectly fits with this unique environment and creates a balance of elegance, charm and timeless warmth.