Born in 1972 and the result of a generational and corporate plot, Prianera has arrived in our days with the knowledge and the virtue of creating upholstered furniture for a contemporary, unique and recognizable environment. True beauty is that created by the mind and achieved with the hands. Style, uniqueness, research, tradition, innovation, in an all-Italian setting. Prianera begins as a dream that started from Forlì and arrived in the best showrooms in the world.
Design, style and manual workmanship are fundamental, and this is why the Italian tradition is and will always be an essential value of the brand. Over the years Prianera has developed its own vision, constant in every product, a code of innovation in the spirit of the contemporary lifestyle.

Forlì, 47122

With strong roots in the territory, the Designed For Living srl company is in Forlì.
The experience acquired during decades of activity, together with the commitment and passion, stand out in the quality of its products and in the strong character of an idea that proved to be a success: keeping alive the quality of manual work and the vocation of a territory, in an all-Italian context and within a design production.
It is the heritage of tradition that animates today's vision, enhancing its constant search for innovation and the vision of the future.

Prianera is dedicated to the daily search for the balance between the beauty of the work done by hand and the reliability of the use of the most modern technologies. Every seam and every fold are worked with skill to obtain the best possible result and for the enhancement of the Italian product in the global market.

Expert cutters, upholsterers and seamstresses are committed to the production without neglecting those small details that distinguish Prianera products.