An authentic message.
True beauty is that created by the mind and achieved with the hands. Style, uniqueness, research, tradition, innovation, in an all-Italian setting. This is Prianera. Prianera begins as a dream, a dream that started from Forlì and arrived in the best showrooms in the world. Design, style and manual workmanship are fundamental for Prianera, and this is why the Italian tradition is and will always be an essential value of the brand.


Pria Nera is the original name of the pencil, which appeared for the first time in Italy in the fifteenth century. Starting from the second half of the fifteenth century, in Northern and Central Italy, the black pencil, also called "black stone" or "Italian stone", a natural material (clayey or carboniferous schist) coming from the deposits of Piedmont, already mentioned , was particularly successful by the painter Cennino by Andrea Cennini (Colle di Val d'Elsa, 1370 - Florence, 1440) in his treatise on painting "The Book of Art", dating back to the early 15th century.

"Again for drawing I found some pría nera, which comes from Piedmont, which is tender pría; and you can sharpen it with a small knife, because it is tender and very black; and you can reduce it to that perfection that coal. according to what you want. "

Allegory of Abundance, Sandro Botticelli
1480 – 1485, ink and black stone
British Museum, London

The designer's creative pencil becomes the expert pencil of the model maker in creating cardboard shapes for each model, and again the careful pencil of the craftsman in transferring each shape on the coats of the best leathers.This is Prianera .