The Prianera collection reflects the identity of the brand and the evolution of contemporary lifestyles. Design has always been an intrinsic element of Prianera, a continuous research into style with the aim of interpreting modern living with uniqueness.

A key role in this process is played by the designers who collaborate with the company, Carlo Bimbi, Fabrizio Ballardini, Giorgio Ragazzini, Enrico Cesana, Rino Dalmonte and Elena Arkipova and Angelo Tomaiuolo.

Their creativity dialogues with the passion and the mind of the company, involving them in every phase of the process, from research to interior design, from prototyping to details, from the idea to the finished product. The company gives shape to the ideas and projects of designers, enhancing their creativity, the strong personality of each of them fits into the Prianera project in full respect of the style and culture of each designer. Each model blends synergistically and together create a refined and elegant collection, enhancing the style and identity of Prianera.

"I selected Prianera for the feeling between me and the company, with the aim of creating great products"

Fabrizio Ballardini,
Interior and Industrial Designer.

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"Prianera, for me, is the synthesis of entrepreneurial skills and product culture"

Angelo Tomaiuolo,
Architect and Interior Designer.

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"I like designing for Prianera, a modern, lively, elegant company"

Carlo Bimbi,
Creative Director and Industrial Designer.

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"Prianera means converging together towards a single goal: beauty"

Giorgio Ragazzini,

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"I like working with Prianera, a company that is always ready to test new ideas and shapes"

Elena Arkhipova,
Architetto and CEO of Archistudio, Moscow.

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"Prianera's formal choice finds its place in the search for each product through the complex mechanism of expectations."

Rino Dalmonte,

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"Creating with Prianera means attention to detail and experimentation."

Enrico Cesana,
Architect, Interior Designer & Art Director.

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