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The Tartan and Chaos project interprets an ever-changing eclectic creativity, which alternates poetic vision and rigorous interpretation of shapes and materials. Borrowed directly from the world of fashion, the application technique of this project is distinguished in two ways: the first, ” Tape Embroideries “, consists in embroidering the tape directly on the upholstery, whether it is leather or fabric, as if it were an infinite ribbon. that unravels its lines randomly or with a rhythm and millimeter precision.
The tartan is a particular design of Scottish Highland wool fabrics, Prianera reinterprets it in a purely graphic key to obtain a texture rich in rhythm and personality. The craftsmanship is evident in the perfection of the seams where the tapes, embroidered on the different surfaces, fit perfectly together.



Tape Embroidery Tartan | design Giorgio Ragazzini

Opera chaise longue
Tartan tape embroidery
rivestimentoleather Posh col. Carioca 22, cat. X with Tartan tape embroidery col. Nero 12

The virtuosity that characterizes the art of embroidery and has made Made in Italy known in the fashion scene is the source of inspiration to personalize and reinterpret the world of Prianera with a collection of exclusive embroideries. Like a second skin, casual or rigorous, the rhythms of the lines adapt to any surface, becoming the distinctive element of the character of each model in the Prianera collection. Real tattoos embroidered directly on the upholstery or dresses that sensually reveal the softness of the bodies.

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"Prianera significa convergere insieme verso un unico obbiettivo: la bellezza"

Giorgio Ragazzini,

Collezioni | opera   passepartout   odeon   palco   blendy   novecento   op01   bold   minimal   moka   bliss   litos   nami   block   etna   stripe

"Prianera means converging together towards a single goal: beauty"

Giorgio Ragazzini,

Collezioni | opera   passepartout   odeon   palco   blendy   novecento   op01   bold   minimal   moka   bliss   litos   nami   block   etna   stripe

"Prianera означает совместное движение к единой цели – красоте"

Джорджо Рагаццини,

Коллекции | opera   passepartout   odeon   palco   blendy   novecento   op01   bold   minimal   moka   bliss   litos   nami   block   etna   stripe

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