The company is committed to continuous research in the development of extensive modularity in each of its products in order to meet the most varied needs of the individual customer. Each model presents a vast assortment of elements, designed with extreme attention to design and comfort.
2D and 3D files are also available for a more attentive design service.

Projects & flexibility

Form and function, aesthetic research and technological research on materials, ergonomics and product durability. The company dedicates attention and in-depth analysis to all these aspects. Prianera products are tailor-made and the company offers a wide range of materials to allow its customers to best dress the environments being designed. The mood for Prianera is fundamental and is expressed with an unpredictable mix and match of materials and colors in elegant design and shapes and sensual materials.

The company believes in the absolute freedom of the creative process in the game of design, always keeping in mind the harmony in every combination, and offers every customization solution. Prianera, in its strong identity, is attentive to every need of its customers and offers a vast possibility of customization to accommodate different tastes in comfort and the most varied needs regarding sizes.