It is the artisan spirit, in its purest and highest form that animates the company's production. A real code of excellence linked to the unmistakable Italian know-how, which distinguishes the creation of the products of the Prianera collection.

Modern technologies

The company dedicates an incessant activity to the daily search for the balance between the beauty of handwork according to tradition and the undoubted advantage and reliability of the use of the most modern technologies.

Each seam and each fold are worked with skill to obtain the best possible result, each model represents the company's commitment to enhance the Italian product in the global market.


Each product is built with care and attention and every single sofa goes through various phases of completely artisanal processing and control .

Skilled hands work daily in the production without leaving anything to chance and without neglecting all those small details that distinguish Prianera products. With competence, attention, continuous research and constant work.

Prianera expresses all the experience of a production synonymous with Italian quality and style.

Quality & certification

Designed For Living srl is a certified company and as such the constant search for innovation is
an important test bed and each new solution is carefully studied in every phase of its realization, testing its maximum reliability and durability. On the drums the company offers a 10-year guarantee, the padding is made only with the best certified materials, polyurethanes of different densities to satisfy the search for maximum comfort by our designers based on the shapes of each individual model and feather washed and sterilized. The very high standard of materials allows the best experience of each product in maximum safety.


For Prianera the expression of Made in Italy is absolutely central, in a continuous mix between tradition and innovation: the experience and skills of our craftsmen are used to create the best products accompanied by the best technology, a perfect balance that allows us to create real emotions.
The goal of excellence involves the whole company.
Prianera guarantees all its products after having carried out each test of durability, reliability and maximum quality. All the materials used have all necessary certification to guarantee transparency, quality and reliability to customers.